Lus Rinpoche (Lama Candice) is a Dzogchen lineage successor of Wangdor Rimpoche confirmed. She is authorized in Rimpoche’s namthar (autobiography) to carry the authentic lineages of Dzogchen, Atiyoga, Mahamudra, and Chagchen, which are the complete lineage wangs, oral transmissions, and pith instructions. Lus Rinpoche offers Dzogchen teachings for all of Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and North America, and has formal centers for study and retreat in India, Sweden, and the USA.

Lus Rinpoche also founded BrightMind with Lama Kyle, his brother Connor, and Adam Shumays. BrightMind is rebuilding AI from the ground up based on ancient Indian records in philosophy and mathematics that led to the invention of zero. Research and development shows that AI can reach new levels of innovation only when built upon the profound meaning of zero brought to mathematics from the Indian philosophy of mind.